Goal Check Up

So this is day 5 of my 100 mile challenge. Here is an update of my accomplishments. Down 12 miles in 4 days, 88 miles to go.

Thursday: Ran 3 miles – puny outside run, too hot

Friday: Ran 5 Β miles – awesome treadmill run

Saturday: One year anniversary = rest day

Sunday: Ran 4 miles – outside, decent run despite the heat

Monday: Plan to run 4 miles and add in an short arm workout

I am joining Planet Fitness today. I did the math and it is a total of $200/year to work out there. The facility is close and it is 24 hours a day. Not bad.

I also decided since nutrition is such a HUGE part of reaching my goals, to take pictures of what I eat as a vivid food journal.


Heres to a better me!

– Whitt

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China Dreams

I just got back from spending a week in Dublin, Ireland. Yes, I know! I will try and post some pictures here and there. I did some research of places to eat and see whilst in Dublin before we left. I found a recommendation for a bakery called Cake Cafe. I was of course smitten and decided I would drag my whole clan to this wonderful place. We walked quite a while to find it and ended up down a pretty shady looking alley and then heaven appeared in a small nook between two buildings. Small patio furniture littered the entry way as people sat visiting. Empty china that appeared to once hold delicious treats were scattered on the tables. Fresh sunflowers accompanied a patron as they sipped their beverage. We walked in to find a very small cafe with a limited menu. I immediately asked the waitress what they were famous for and ordered her recommended lemon slice.

Here are some pictures I took.

I ordered the lemon slice and an espresso drink of melted chocolate and fresh cream. Absolutely delicious.

I loved the use of mismatched china

Made me realize how much I hope to one day have a collection of mismatched china for everyday use. Nothing like making the simple things in life all the more pleasurable.

– Whitt

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Journey to a better me: Day One

So I decided awhile ago to make goals unique to different areas in my life that will improve myself as a better person. I decided to give myself 6 months to accomplish these changes. I love lists probably as much as I love guidelines, so I enjoyed limiting and challenging myself in every way I could. One area of my life that I am always working on is my physical health. I have a horrible habit which I hate to admit to anyone. I am terrible at finishing through with my fitness goals! There, I said it. There are the few goals here in there that I have accomplished, and I seem to use those as leverage when I am not able to accomplish something else. “Well, I did that so… I can do this..” as an example. So what is the answer? I decided to break down my goals in smaller time periods and vary them so I do not get bored. Hence, the 30 day challenge was born.

The first 30 days I decided to kick off strong and complete the 100 miles in 30 day challenge. I found a program and wrote it on my calendar. The planning phase of any new challenge is always my favorite part. Now, to follow through with it.

August 11, 2011 – Day One

Goal: Run 3 Miles

So I got home from work and immediately strapped on my laces just incase I got distracted and decided to do something else. I hit the pavement feeling good. Here is my pro/con results.


– It is like 110 degrees outside

– The sun feels like its burning my skin off

– My tummy hurt, I was a little gassy from my healthy lunch

– I ended up walking a little over the last mile due to my fear I would pass out. I was literally having images in my head of how the police would notify my husband of my death since I had no identification on.


– I finished the mileage

– I greatly enjoyed the ice cold shower after

My overall impression of myself is not very good. I did however just get back from vacation and a 2 week workout hiatus. I also know I did not hydrate well today and feel the hills and heat were possibly a little too much for me. My plan to overcome these obstacles is to better hydrate myself and run on the treadmill if the temperature is over 100 degrees. I want to accomplish this goal, so limiting the obstacles and not making it too terribly impossible will limit the discouragement I might feel.

Heres to a better me!

– Whitt

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Target…You Take All My Mula

I went to Target and came home with this:

This cute paisley summer one shoulder dress. I have been pairing it with my classic go to brown belt for waist definition and cowboy boots of course. πŸ™‚

It was so cheap and the perfect go to summer dress that I bought it in black too. It was $19! πŸ™‚ Steal!

The sock monster is on a rampage at the Clinkscale’s residence.

Pretty notebook.

Clearanced file folders to help organize myself.

Work clothes for the hubby. I also got him this great black on black striped tie but couldn’t find an image.

Oh Target, you are so evil.

– Whitt

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Worth Having A Goal

My new motivation to get in the best shape of my life is the Betsey Johnson swimsuit line. I think I will allow myself to splurge on the purchase IF I can reach my fitness goals.

– Whitt

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Outfit Post and Hair Feather!

I finally got my hair feather this weekend. I was a little disappointed due to the lack of larger feathers I was hoping for. I feel that I might need to add an additional bundle or two to fatten up the feathers. I opted for neutral/natural colored feathers with a pop of blue, which in hindsight was probably an additional disappointment due to the patriotic look it became. Oh, well. Fourth of July will be here before we know it. πŸ™‚



I was also so embarrassed by my attempts at an outfit post that I had my husband take a real picture of an outfit this weekend.


Dress: Old Navy (Circa 2009)

Belt: Forever 21

Boots: Vintage from my mother

Necklace: Stella and Dot

– Whitt


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Outfit Post

I had the opportunity to attend a fancy dinner at the Melting Pot last night for a friends birthday. I was so excited to finally get to wear the dress my husband got me for my birthday. I couldnt get a great picture of it but it worked perfectly with my black and white polka dot Jessica Simpson heels.

I promise to try and get better at these outfit post pictures. πŸ™‚

– Whitt

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