When the Simple Wasn’t Considered Complicated

So I find myself, more often than not, falling in love with the things of the past. A bright yellow tea pot sits on my stove as it warms my water for my tea. Would it be easier to just microwave my water? Yes, but there is something so much more meaningful and special when a cute tea pot on my old gas stove does the job.

I have a recent obsession with Chai. I just love the blend of spices and the flavor. I discovered that Starbucks brand has released a Chai mixer in the coffee and tea aisle. It runs about $4 a box but can make about 5-6 cups of Chai latte. Not bad! And when mixed half and half with milk, the taste is exactly like the $4 counter part you would pay for one single cup at Starbucks. I was so enlightened by this but disappointed with the amount of sugar in the mixture. That is what has brought me here today, enjoying a chai tea with a splash of nonfat milk. Yummy!! I know it will be even more perfect for fall.

Speaking of old timey things, I have fallen in love with a China set from Lenox called Butterfly Meadows. I know…China? Right? But, its so darling and reminds me of something old despite being new. My heart was beating so hard when I walked by the collection at Macy’s (which I do any time I am in a department store to simply reassure myself that I do indeed love it) and saw the entire set 50% off!!! I refrained seeing as a China set is not something I am in need of at this time. But I thought I would let you see for yourself.

So cute right! I really would love to invest in the tea set.

– Whitt


About Mrs. Clinks

I am a twenty something year old girl. This is the story of my life in Austin with my husband and my dog.
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