Pin up in a past life

I LOVE Gil Elvgren so very much! He is my favorite pin up artist. He painted women in a way that they oozed sensuality and femininity but in a secret, “oops” kind of way. Sometimes I close my eyes and like to pretend that I am time warped into an era where thigh highs and gorgeous dresses and heels were staples to your wardrobe, not occasional, once in awhile, fancy dinner date attire.

I imagine that I would look like this while baking…

and like this when I find something unpleasant on the floor…

or like this when I spend a day shopping with my dog.

My two MOST favorite paintings are the girl on the scale, because I could only dream to be as cute and thin as she is whilst being so concerned about the number displayed. Did I mention so darlingly dressed? Excuse me but I strip down to my birthday suit and shoes are not included on my weekly weigh in.

I also love this one because of the beauty behind it. An everyday occurrence made so sensual. I wish my undergarments were as beautiful as this.

– Whitt


About Mrs. Clinks

I am a twenty something year old girl. This is the story of my life in Austin with my husband and my dog.
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2 Responses to Pin up in a past life

  1. elledee says:

    love! the alligator one has actually been the background on my computer for a while. Such great taste!

  2. Dee says:

    I love Gil so much I bought a book with all of his work. He is without a doubt my favorite of all the cheesecake/pin up artist.

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