Sunday Funday

It was a perfect Sunday. The windows and screen door welcomed the chilled wind to come and go through the house as it pleased. Family all doing their separate things, but together. Husband-gaming, puppy-squirrel chasing, me-reading. It was a little piece of heaven. I was cramming to finish my bookclub selection and as I read the last page, I felt confused and slightly depressed and knew I could have stopped at the beginning and not missed out on anything. What a very odd and bizarre read! At least it involved cake as the prominent theme, for I was inspired to bake despite my solemn mood upon completion of the book.

Matt had to go to work and I had to get to work on a new recipe. I decided to bake lemon cupcakes with chocolate buttercream in honor of the bookclub book I had completed to tag along with me to said event. I zested away until a delicious combination of fresh lemons and rich cocoa filled the air. They actually turned out very tasty and I was very pleased with the texture of the icing and the moistness of the cake. Yummy!! I will definitely have to pull that recipe out again in the future, whilst the book however will be finding itself being sold at half price books. While on the subject of cupcakes…

I love these cute ideas for displaying cupcakes. I stumbled upon these while visiting a precious blog called CakeSpy. These darling plates are from Michelle Miller.

I can’t remember where I first saw this darling stand, but I just had to include it.

– Whitt


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I am a twenty something year old girl. This is the story of my life in Austin with my husband and my dog.
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One Response to Sunday Funday

  1. elledee says:

    loooove the cake stands!

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