Tiny Little Paintings

So I stumbled upon these paintings whilst getting my hairy eyebrows waxed. What a wonderful day. It is the little things right?

They are itty bitty (about 2 1/2 x3 in) oil paintings on  canvas called “Tiny Little Paintings” (of course) by Felice House. They come framed and all for $25 each. A little pricey for my taste, but pretty adorable.

These are the paintings I loved and imagine would be charming on my window seal in the kitchen.

Anybody an oil painter out there and care to cut me a deal? 😉

– Whitt


About Mrs. Clinks

I am a twenty something year old girl. This is the story of my life in Austin with my husband and my dog.
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One Response to Tiny Little Paintings

  1. elledee says:

    those are way too cute! I was promised a skirt post!!!

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