Party Skirt Class

I just made a skirt in Stitch Lab sewing class with this adorable fabric called “Kokka Candy Party Cutie.” I am calling it my “Laura Skirt” after my sweet friend Laura because it is so ultimately girly and has baby kittens on it.

I am terrible at self portraits but hopefully you can get the idea of the skirt. I have already started on my second skirt. I have a feeling this will be my summer wardrobe pattern.

Classes are available with Tina Sparkles through Stitch Lab. They have so many classes to offer. I plan on taking crochet 101 next so that I can learn to make THESE little guys.

Tina is a wonderful instructor and is very patient with beginners. She is also a fabulous designer and just recently released her own book called “Little Green Dresses” about how to make your own clothes.

This is a picture of the fabric I picked up for my next skirt.

Cute eh?

– Whitt



About Mrs. Clinks

I am a twenty something year old girl. This is the story of my life in Austin with my husband and my dog.
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3 Responses to Party Skirt Class

  1. elldee says:

    just like I said on facebook… LOVE IT

  2. elledee says:

    just like I said on facebook… LOVE IT

  3. Kelsey Kay says:

    I love it Whitt! Wish we all could sew together soon.

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