Spring Cleaning and All That It Brings

Sunday, my husband and I returned from a romantic weekend getaway on the Riverwalk. What I assumed would be a relaxing Sunday became a inspirational 4 hour cleaning session, which we surprisingly enjoyed. There is something so refreshing about dusting all the cobwebs and knowing that there are not secret piles behind that door. I was newly inspired to continue making our little home more homey. Here are some inspirational ideas I have.

We have a white couch in the living room with dark chocolate furniture. Our walls came painted a light green/jade color which I adore. I decided I want to play with this color scheme a little more by adding red with the green. We have already decided to paint the kitchen red to coordinate with our red appliances. I cant wait for a day or two to work on this. I imagine it will be a reverse compliment of colors with the kitchen having red walls, and accenting with the green and the adjacent living room having green walls and accenting with the red. I guess it is time for another trip to ikea.

These prints are available at my favorite local fabric store. I imagine I could craft some pretty curtains or dishtowels for the kitchen and some good throw pillows for the living area.

I bought this delicious fabric when it was on sale last week. I cant wait to make dishtowels something for the kitchen.

Have you stirred up the spring cleaning bug?

– Whitt



About Mrs. Clinks

I am a twenty something year old girl. This is the story of my life in Austin with my husband and my dog.
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