To hair feather or not to hair feather?

So the other day my husband informs me he is digging the new trend of hair feathers. I feel immediately confused due to my lack of knowledge on this apparent new trend. But it was not long after he informed me of this that I noticed EVERYONE rocking hair feathers. I decided to do a little research and see if a hair feather was right for me. I have long hair that I usually wear messy and wavy so a feather could blend nicely. I also always wear hair flowers, so why not mix it up a bit. Little did I know I was quite behind on the trend. It was very easy to gather information due to the abundance of people wanting hair feathers. Of course there is a shop 3 miles from me that specializes in hair feather extensions, that makes perfect sense. Oh, Austin.

So where did this trend initiate from? From what I can gather the only person I could find wearing hair feathers is…….


Not only does she wear them, but she is rarely seen without them.

Initially I imagined a single small birdlike feather. I imagined it would appear indian like in nature, very earthy. I assumed the color would be more earth toned. Here is my opinion of this trend gone terribly wrong…

In this scenario, the female appears to have rolled in a large eagles nest, not hot.

When I imagined I would go for the more earth tones, I came across this. Unfortunately the lack of contrast has made this particular female as one who loves her crimping iron and abuses it.

This is a beautiful photo, but I fear takes the trend a little to far.

So I have decided a little color that is not natural is not necessarily trashy but more conducive to contrasting feather piece.

I cant tell if I think she is super cute so I love the feather, or if the feather itself is super cute.

This is much better than what I have seen but I still do not care for how thin and unnatural the feather appears.

So let us go to the experts….ETSY

This shop, Emariedesgins3, specializes in clip-in hair feathers. This non- commital approach is appealing to me. I am not sure I would want a hair feather extension for 2-4 months.  I also like the larger feathers mixed with different sized feathers and the bold colors that also appear natural.

So all in all I am loving the hair feather trend, although I feel it could go wrong very easily. I will continue my hunt for the perfect hair feather based on the following criteria.

1. Clip in

2. Larger feathers

3. Pop of blue

4. No zebra strip/crimped look feathers

5. No long lasting extensions

6. Maybe some beads

Have you played with the hair feather trend? Would you wear one?

– Whitt


About Mrs. Clinks

I am a twenty something year old girl. This is the story of my life in Austin with my husband and my dog.
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3 Responses to To hair feather or not to hair feather?

  1. meliss says:

    hmm, i have mixed emotions on the pop of color. I think i like the more “natural” -colored feathers. dunno. whatever you do you’ll rock it, im sure of it!

  2. Abbey says:

    Wore one to a couple concerts LY. Tried to channel the whole “Lost Boys” look…
    you know what I mean:

    Still dig it! You could totally pull this off with your long hair 🙂

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