Bikes are cute and so are puppies!

I originally began this post by looking up cute bikes I have been drooling over. I was then overwhelmed with the cuteness of a puppy in a basket on a bicycle. I then began to look up cute puppies, so here we are.

I am in the need of a new bike. Bikes come in handy around these parts of Austin, considering there is a large amount of activities within 2-3 miles from my house that are more conducive to a cyclist over a driver. I am currently riding a red, shiny bike my husband bought me about 4-5 years ago. It is a pretty cute cruiser and we bought a leopard print seat cover to spice it up, but he is a little difficult to ride on the austin hills. We also installed a basket, but appears to be too small to do much good at holding anything. But it was, lets say a good deal at our local Wally world and I feel it has served its time. So although I am in need of a nice road bike to better ride the hills, I am so in love with precious cruisers.

and then I saw this…

…and thought it looked amazing!

So here is a collection of cute puppies in baskets on bikes for your viewing pleasure.

Marilyn Monroe even loved to do this!

I also found this precious bell for the bike of my dreams. It is supposed to resemble a cupcake but I find it favoring a donut more.

Who doesn’t love puppies?


About Mrs. Clinks

I am a twenty something year old girl. This is the story of my life in Austin with my husband and my dog.
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