Welcome To Austin






We had some friends move to Austin this past weekend and we wanted to do something truly Austin. We strolled over to the food trailers on South Congress with the dogs in tow and got some tasty treats. There are so many food trailers in Austin to try, but you have to start somewhere. 

What are your favorite food trailers in Austin?

– Whitt












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I Just Want…

Why is it that you always want to go shopping when you have NO money.

Love this makeup bag from Modcloth!


And I think I need to justify these scarfs as purchases for our trip to Ireland. I hear the weather changes frequently and it can get chilly on those cliffs. (also from Modcloth)

– Whitt


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Yet Another Tattoo Dream

I am falling in love with sewing  tattoos, especially when they honor moms. I think I need one before I die.

Pretty precious eh?

– Whitt

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I Need A Farm

I was reminded the other day that I have recently wanted a chicken coop some day to house a collection of wonderful chickens and baby chicks. I was originally inspired when I saw beautiful chicken coops like these.

I was then reminded that chickens originate as precious baby chicks – and how amazing would it be to have a bunch of these guys running around….

…and I have also been contemplating getting a cat. I mean, who wouldn’t want this little dude either…

…which reminds me that I have ALWAYS wanted a baby pig…

…and a baby bunny

… and most definitely a baby hippo

…so basically I need a farm and small water tank to hold all of them. That’s possible right?

Ugh, LOVE animals.

– Whitt

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Pretty Food

I really would like an excuse to recreate this for some event.

– Whitt


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Renegade Craft Fair 2

Sorry for the late entry continuation of all things Renegade. Here are the last couple designers I wanted to spotlight.

My husband wanted these so very badly from Pixel Party  – Pseuderanthemum incendia fire flower for the yard.

Camera straps from COUCH

McCheek’s Mayhem homemade ceramic dishes with a vintage flair

Diagram of a flour sack by Girls Can Tell

Cute hair things from Pretty Good Things

Circle Ceramics precious dishes

Stationary and things from Paper Pastries

Prints and paintings by Austin Art Gargage

Buttons by Sweetie Pie Press

Prints from FifiduVie

Headbands from MollyGee designs

I cant wait to go back next year! What an absolute amazing collection of crafters and designers.

– Whitt





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Panda dress….Sure

I need all these things.

Precious dresses and rompers from IM YOUR PRESENT on ETSY.

– Whitt

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